Get a Party Started!

Like all good things, Pilates is best when shared!

As a studio member, earn rewards for bringing your guests.  You can earn studio credit for each person you recommend to the studio.  Just sign up below to participate.

1--$15credit, 2--$30credit, 3--$45credit, 4--$60credit, 5--$75credit

Who do you know who would benefit from Pilates?  A friend, a spouse, a neighbor?

3 easy ways to make the introduction:

  1.    Invite them to your private session.
  2.   Schedule them for a complimentary introduction in the studio. 
  3.   Recommend (or gift) an Introductory Special.

Tell them how Pilates has changed your life.  While you're at it, tell us!  We appreciate reviews on Facebook, Google, and plain old-fashioned pen and paper.

Thanks for supporting Purely Pilates Center!

Earn studio credit each time your referral purchases a class/private/intro package equal to or greater than $139.  Must be a first-time client.  Redeemable for services at Purely Pilates, retail products not included.