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Physical Therapy at Purely Pilates

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When it comes to caring for your body, one size does not fit all.  Many of our students have needs that stretch beyond a typical pilates reformer class.  For example you could be:

Released by your physician after prescribed physical therapy

Referred to a Pilates-based Physical Therapist for therapy

Unsure if you need physical therapy for a recent strain or injury.

That's why we offer two unique services: Therapeutic Pilates and Physical Therapy.

Therapuetic Pilates

This type of pilates session includes a comprehensive consultation. You are then placed with a senior instructor who has experience and advanced training working with your condition.  The goal is to slowly and safely help integrate you back into general fitness, rather than targeted rehabilitative exercises. This option is best for those who need extra care with an recent injury (shoulder, hip, spine), or with a neurological condition, mild scoliosis, osteopoenia, and more.  A release from your physician is required, as this is not billable PT. 

Physical Therapy

Get a professional assessment by a one of our licensed physical therapists.  This type of service may be reimbursable by your insurance (check with your provider), and is a needs-based, assessment-based therapy session.  Many doctors refer patients to pilates based physical therapists for their immense movement knowledge and experienced.  Our PTs will help get your back on track quickly so you can continue doing the things you love.  



The ELDOA Method is a collection of exercises that helps to elongate the spine and promote good posture by deeply stretching the fascia that connects each spinal joint.  ELDOA is the work of internationally renowned osteopath and fascia expert, GUY Voyer, DO.  This technique is only available in a handful of locations throughout the world.  This therapeutic technique is perfect for anyone who has back pain and wants to avoid surgery.  Request a therapeutic assessment with senior instructor Stephanie Vanderbeck, PMA-CPT.

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Pelvic Floor Therapy

Though it is common to have urinary leaking frequent visits to the bathroom, it is certainly not normal.  A pelvic floor specialist can help you address pelvic floor issues that may arise after pregnancy.  Pelvic floor dysfunction is also related to low back pain, hip or SI joint pain, and sexual dysfunction.  Contact Jennifer McCauley, DPT for a consultation to learn more.