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Hear from students at Purely Pilates Center:

The instructors are amazing.  With such knowledgeable staff (thanks, Meaghan!) and small classes, you really get the attention and workout YOU need.  The Springboard looked intimidating at first but I felt like a natural my first time--so much easier than gym equipment!  I thought about going here for a long time...wish I had done it sooner.

- Kelly C., Brand new to Pilates


Love the Springboard class and love Pilates!  I've worked with Nicole and Stephanie and they are very mindful of their clients' body limitations. Their method of teaching is very effective and aligns with Pilates philosophy of posture, posture and posture!

                                                 - Aarti V., Focus: Foot health; neck injury 2014


I love this Pilates studio!  My instructor is well-trained in Pilates and has a background in physical therapy as well.  Am getting much-needed help with balance issues.  A quiet and well-maintained studio.  You are never too old for Pilates!

- Mary C., Client since 2013, Focus: Post Surgery Rehab

I have been taking about 3 to 4 classes of Reformer, Spring Board and Mat Pilates per week.  When I started, my goal was to improve my core strength to help with my back pain. However, in the process, I have not only received relief from back pain, I also feel much more toned throughout my body. Pilates has given me a feeling of well being. Now with the help of Purely Pilates, my focus has shifted to being fit and well.  All of the instructors are highly trained and qualified and that makes it easier to pick classes that accommodates my schedule.  The studio is always clean, the equipment is always well maintained and you are  very gracious and helpful in answering any questions in a timely manner.  I could not have found a better center to partner with me in my quest for relief from back pain and to put me on the road to feeling better with each passing day.  Thank you for setting up such a wonderful center.

-Jane R., Focus:  Back Pain, Core Training

I was completely new to Pilates.  I decided to give it a try because I wanted to work on flexibility and core strength to see if it would help with some preexisting injuries.  Since I started, WOW, it’s changed my world.  I wish I had started years ago!  The important part for me when deciding to come to Purely Pilates was their attention to form.  I would recommend them to anyone in a heart beat! 

- Charlotte M., Focus: Strength and Stamina

I have not aged! Daily posture is important, Pilates has reminded me frequently.  It is positive mental stimulation by hearing cues right, left etc.  My core is much stronger and balance, oh my, an improvement!  The stretches have been great and I love the variety.  

                                                      - Karen H., Age 78

Stephanie is patient & caring, she has a keen eye watching, correcting, effectively helping you develop positions of strength and stability.

--GJ, ELDOA Student

I started at Purely Pilates in Southlake in January of 2012 after a year of being diagnosed with breast cancer, having a double mastectomy and reconstruction, and a hysterectomy. I tried Pilates a few times in the past and really liked it. I HATE to work out so to say I liked Pilates says a whole lot. I saw an ad in a local magazine about the studio so I decided to give it a try. I was hooked from day one! I am very uncoordinated and Megan, my instructor helped me a great deal. She was VERY patient and encouraging and its because of her I continued. So now I have been at the studio for 3+ years and I continue to love to go to class. My body has changed…areas have toned up…posture so much better, AND I have made some really good friends…with both classmates and instructors. They make me want to come to class!      

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Estela J., Cancer Survivor