Decrease Pain, Improve Performance

The ELDOA Method is a collection of exercises that helps to elongate the spine and promote good posture by normalizing the fascia between each joint. 

ELDOA is the work of internationally renowned osteopath and fascia expert, GUY Voyer, DO.  This technique is only available in a handful of locations throughout the world and is known for its anti-aging effect.  Read more...

Join senior instructor and ELDOA Trainer, Stephanie Vanderbeck PMA-CPT, for a challenging yet rewarding hour of focused training. Work to your max, and leave feeling taller and stronger than ever before.

How Does It Work?

More space is created between the vertebrae. The intervertebral disc is hydrated. The nerve between the vertebra is depressed (meaning not compressed). The proprioception of the vertebral joint segment is improved. All parts of the annulus fibrosis are stimulated to take in water. (credit: ELDOA Center of Dallas)

The ELDOA are postural exercises that you can do yourself with the primary goal being to increase the space within a chosen articulation (joint)
— legacy sport & wellness center

ELDOA Benefits

  • Posture improves

  • Joint mechanics improve

  • Blood flow increases

  • Awareness improves

  • Pressure on discs is reduced

  • Muscle tone is created


semi-private group meets
Fridays 11:30am

Due to the hands-on nature of this technique, space is limited to 6.

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You are your own best therapist.

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