A flowing Pilates sequence for all levels.  This class emphasizes alignment and form to help you squeeze the most toning, lengthening and muscle strengthening benefits from your workout.  Includes foundational to intermediate exercises, with the addition of small props for tons of variety and challenge.  Leaves you feeling energized, refreshed, and focused.

Introductory private session required.

Total Barre


Stott Total Barre integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training. It is designed to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. The Pilates Springboard is even used for added resistance for upper and lower body work. Overall, it’s a joint friendly workout that will help improve the mind-body connection. The program is geared for everyone, no dance experience required


Reformer/ Chair


Reform your body with a dynamic combo of Reformer and Exo Chair. Perfect for the Reformer student who wants to experience the diversity of the Pilates equipment.  The smaller surface area of the Exo chair means a bigger challenge for you!  See the world from a different view with inversions, back-bends, and balancing.

Introductory private session(s) required.



This class integrates use of our wall-mounted Springboards with classical Pilates mat work, delivering a resistance workout that targets abs, glutes and arms.  You may discover a few core muscles you didn't even know you had!  Expect a flowing and creative sequence that engages both body and mind.  

Open to beginners.


ELDOA Method


The ELDOA Method is a collection of exercises that helps to elongate the spine and promote good posture by deeply stretching the fascia that connects each spinal joint.  Work to your max, and leave feeling taller and stronger than ever before.

Great for anyone who has back pain (and those who never want to!) Also for the elite athlete looking for performance edge.  No experience is required.