Heal Your Back Pain


Semi-Privates Series

The Best of ELDOA and Pilates


The Road to Back Pain Freedom Starts Here:

This once-weekly semi-private group is designed for people just like you: fed up with back pain, motivated to change, and willing to do whatever it takes. Over the next 5 Weeks you’ll learn and refine an effective sequence of ELDOA postures that you can take with you anywhere (no equipment needed). Each 5-week session is a different sequence, so the more you take the course, the better you become!

Receive weekly motivational updates PLUS custom videos to help guide you at home.

Please note this is not gentle stretching class. You’ll work to achieve STRENGTH to support your posture and defy the effects of GRAVITY on your spine.


2 Available Sessions (take one or both): $159ea series

Tuesdays 6:00pm — April 16th-May 14th

Fridays 11:30am — April 19th-May 17th

You may make up any missed class during either Tues/Fri session provided there is space. Contact to schedule a make-up.

New Students: Please complete this quick form so I can learn a little more about you. Although I do work with injuries, including prior surgeries, I will consider your readiness for the group setting.

Learn how to:

  • Manage Back Pain

  • Improve Posture

  • Relieve Pressure on Spinal Discs

  • Decompress Pinched Nerves

  • Build Strength and Awareness

All so that you can “be your own best therapist”—GUY Voyer, DO


What is ELDOA?

The ELDOA Method is the work of internationally renowned osteopath and fascia expert, GUY Voyer, DO. It is a collection of exercises that helps to elongate the spine and promote good posture by normalizing the fascia between each joint. ELDOA is the secret weapon of professional athletes like pro golfer Ben Crane, Patrick Nemeth and the Washington Nationals. Read more.


Class Format

You’ll benefit from the exact system I use with my private clients for incredible results. First we’ll use the Reformers and various pilates equipment to target abdominals, glutes and back muscles, as well as to open up the hips and shoulders. The second part of the class is dedicated to learning a sequence of ELDOA postures designed to work the entire spine. Each lesson builds on the next, so you’ll be armed with the know-how to keep your spine in shape at home.

Class meets once per week for one hour. Plan to spend 10 minutes daily practicing the ELDOA between classes.


This series is a pilot for my upcoming Intensive Back Pain Course. Learn more….

My mission is to bring the ELDOA Method to all people, everywhere.
— SV