Meet Abby, Our Student of the Month

After doing pilates for two years, I am only eager to learn more and more with each class, which has never happened to me before.  I have never done exercise that demands such a mind-body connection.  It really takes me out of my stressful life for an hour to concentrate on me and my body.  

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Prenatal Pilates at Purely Pilates Center

“My favorite thing about Pilates is how energized and relaxed I feel after finishing a workout. I also love to see how Pilates has helped me progress and advance in other fitness activities,” said Amanda. “Pilates has significantly helped my posture and helped my body feel more balanced throughout the day. Before Pilates, I would often sleep unsettled and wake with pains in my neck and back. I've noticed huge improvements since my journey with Pilates has begun.”

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the ELDOA Method

ELDOA: Groundbreaking exercise technique for back pain, disc bulges, and spinal pathologies.

Joseph Pilates once said “Change happens through movement and movement heals”.  Thanks to the contributions of another visionary, Guy Voyer, DO, we now have a better shot at pinpointing the right movement, with the right force, in the right location..........

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