How to be a savvy pilates consumer

As Pilates exercise grows in popularity, consumer choices are broader than ever.  While Pilates is by no means inexpensive anywhere (read Why is Pilates So Darn Expensive), the quality of classes and instructors is all over the map.  Consequently, so are your results! So how do you know if you are investing wisely in your training? 

Here's how to be a savvy Pilates-ista.

1. Choose classes that are small. 

The Pilates Method Alliance suggests 5-6 students per class, so that each student has a hands-on experience.  Each student is given feedback and corrections as needed; which is not possible in a class of 10 or more.

2. Safety first

Responsible studios do not throw beginners in with students who have been practicing for some time.  Classes are thoughtfully put together with respect to ability.  Look for a studio that treats pilates as a personalized service rather than a numbers game.

3. It is a sequence of exercises, on multiple pieces of equipment

Pilates is a progression of exercises that becomes more dynamic and challenging as you move from one apparatus to another.  This provides endless variety and keeps you challenged as you move toward greater levels of fitness.

4. Instructor Certification

We can't stress this enough.  Professional instructors have undergone a lengthy schooling process and practiced as an intern on many bodies before working with yours.  They are generally compensated more for their abilities, making boutique studios slightly more pricey but well worth it when you consider the cost of an injury.


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