Prenatal Pilates at Purely Pilates Center

A Fitness Journey for a Mom-to-be

Amanda practicing on the Reformer.

Amanda practicing on the Reformer.

Amanda Tucker originally began Pilates three years ago with the intentions to lengthen and tone her muscles.  As of recently, due to Amanda’s pregnancy, Pilates has added a whole new aspect to her fitness routine!

Upon moving back to the area in January, Amanda reached out to us to inquire about our Prenatal Pilates Program. Our Prenatal Program is designed to give women a safe and effective full body workout. We focus on exercises that build the needed support and strength for a comfortable pregnancy, delivery, and recovery.  Each routine is catered to our client’s body and personal needs.


From Studio to Real Life

While we love giving our clients a challenging workout, we believe that Pilates is so much more than that. We believe that your Pilates practice will translate into your everyday life as well!

“My favorite thing about Pilates is how energized and relaxed I feel after finishing a workout. I also love to see how Pilates has helped me progress and advance in other fitness activities,” said Amanda. “Pilates has significantly helped my posture and helped my body feel more balanced throughout the day. Before Pilates, I would often sleep unsettled and wake with pains in my neck and back. I've noticed huge improvements since my journey with Pilates has begun.”

Making fitness a priority

Amanda’s dedication has been paying off. The enthusiasm she brings into the studio is contagious. She has truly approached health and fitness in the most intelligent and balance way during her pregnancy.

“I think that continuing with a consistent Pilates routine has been one of the most important things I have done throughout my pregnancy. Staying active and doing Pilates workouts specifically planned for pregnancy has helped address and lessen any of the "pregnancy symptoms" that I had expected to experience. We are always able to address any uncomfortable symptoms I'm feeling that day through modified stretches and moves. Meaghan has been so wonderful at creating workouts that are safely focused on maintaining strength in my body and especially my pelvic floor.  I can't wait to see how all the workouts we have been doing help me during birth and postnatal recovery.”

Now that's dedication!

It has been a joy to work with Amanda, and I am often impressed by her ability to perform exercises that are challenging for men and women alike, pregnant or not! Her perseverance is admirable, to say the least. In fact, these pictures were taken only 5 days prior to her due date! Talk about commitment!

When asked about advice she would have for other pregnant women who are considering Pilates, these were her words. “Don't think twice about continuing or starting Pilates during your pregnancy. I made it a huge priority to stay active and maintain my routine (with modifications of course) and honestly can't imagine the last 9 months without it. It hasn't always been easy to stay motivated when feeling tired or even sick, but I never regret my Pilates workouts when I'm finished and leave the studio feeling so much better than when I came in.” 

New beginnings

Amanda, we are so excited for you and your family as you enter into this new season of life!

{We are so happy to announce the arrival of a healthy baby boy, Easton Hayes, born May 10, 2016.}

Written by Meaghan Biggio Hampton, Certified Pilates Instructor and perinatal specialist.  Read more about Meaghan here.