The struggle is real: Here's help for the busy and the "time challenged".

Today I want to share with you my personal struggle with making time to exercise.  Because, honestly, everyone knows that exercising is good for us and if it were easy than everyone would be doing it already.  Many people think that because I teach exercise and I’m in the studio, and I’m surrounded by the exercise equipment, that I must do exercise all day long by magic or absorb it by osmosis.  This is simply not the case!

The reality is that when I’m not teaching, I’m glued to my laptop--blogging, managing, promoting and upkeeping my business to keep my instructors busy and my clients happy.  If any of you own a business, you know what I mean!  The tiniest glitch in a website or taxes or leaky roof (or whatever!) can eat up the whole day. 

In the year I have owned a Pilates business, it’s more difficult than ever to put myself first and make time to exercise consistently.  I’m lucky to work out 3 days a week, and sometimes it's less.  But truthfully, I'm not doing enough movement for me to feel that sense of lightness and stress relief I crave.  I have been longing to start walking.  Not running, that’s a huge goal for me, but just a simple 30 minute walk.  Easy right?  Wrong.

First, I had to go thru the contemplation stage where I thought about this goal for at least 6 months. This where many people are stuck mentally when they call us on the phone.  I knew I wanted something but I didn't have a plan.  Then I took some action—I planned my walks.  But guess what? I failed.  It rained, my mother in law had a stroke and needed me, my instructor went on vacation and I had to fill in.  Life just happened.

This could have been the end of it, but I didn’t totally give up.  I actually had a major breakthrough when I took one little step that made all the difference.  I arranged to take one morning off and work evenings instead.  I explained to my clients that I needed more time for myself to be the best version of myself.  This seems easy but it wasn't.  I had to stand up for my own needs, which is really hard for me to do because I'm a "pleaser" and I hate to say no..  But once I had cleared the space, tah-dah!  It finally happened for me.  This morning proved  particularly stressful when my landlord announced he would be installing a new roof in 3 days with no prior warning.  I got up from my laptop, put on my shoes--teeth and hair unbrushed, dishes piling up--slapped on my tennis shoes and drove to the trail.  I walked for just 30 minutes and guess what? My head cleared, I felt more ready than ever to tackle my day, I had fresh ideas, and of course I had to write it all down to share with you.

If you struggle to make time for exercise, you are not alone.  I tell my clients to just get it on the schedule, it’s half the battle.  Then arrive—your makeup and hairdo aren’t impressing anyone so don’t add to your to-do list.  Just get there.  We will do the rest because YOUR workout is an appointment I NEVER miss.

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Unedited photo of me at the trail this morning doing my 30 minute walk.

Unedited photo of me at the trail this morning doing my 30 minute walk.

About the author: Stephanie Evans is a time-challenged but dedicated Pilates instructor who wants to help you be the healthiest version of  yourself that you can possibly be.
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