Get fit & stay fit: 2 truths revealed

Do you really enjoy working out?

Yep, that’s a serious question.  Really. Stop for a moment and consider it.  Do you LOVE showing up to your pilates studio, gym, barre method, spinning studio, etc?

You may even be thinking, “Does anyone actually enjoy those things?”

Before owning a pilates studio, I made a living teaching pilates 15-30 times per week.... for the last 15 years!  In order to pay the bills, my clients HAD to love working with me. 

I have talked to thousands of people about fitness and I know 2 things to be unquestionably true:

TRUTH #1     

If you don’t love it, you won’t stick with it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the best location, the nicest facility, the best instructor, or the best price (truth is, most Groupon users don’t stick around).  If you, the fitness consumer, doesn’t enjoy it, it won’t last.  [gyms bank on this when selling memberships, but that’s another story]

I often hear the following from my clients who try new classes at various places around town:

“That was the most killer workout! It was so hard!  I couldn’t sit down for 3 days!!”.   

Now, I fully support trying new things.  I regularly go to other studios, and have fun trying all the new things for myself.  But I do wonder, how often do we repeat this type of workout?  Every day, every week, once a year…..NEVER!? 

Which brings me to the second truth:

TRUTH #2     

If you don’t stick with it, you won’t get results.

Ah, that’s the rub.  You know that you need to show up 3-5 times per week to see results.  But how many times have you made promises to yourself, or even bought a membership, and (gasp!) FAILED? 

How awful does that feel?  I’m not a fan of exercise shame; it causes people to give up. 

Our human nature is to push harder for the elusive quick fix, when that mentality won’t get you fitter any faster.  At some point, you are better off just putting on your shoes and going for a walk 10 minutes a day, which has proven benefits you can live with.

I really get a kick out of describing Pilates like this:

"It’s the most benefit for the least amount of pain.  It’s hands-down the most pleasant workout I know of, and the results still happen.  Because it is so easy on the joints, you aren’t sore like other workouts, so your brain doesn’t register the discomfort and you won’t hate it.  Which motivates you to come back the next day."  Voila!

I can’t help but notice that Pilates clients enjoy the way their body moves.  They feel lengthened and de-stressed afterwards.  The strength appears rather quickly, and life changes for the better. 

If you have a tough time sticking with your workout, give pilates a try (or a second try)!  Let us help you get into the rhythm of an active life.

About the author: Stephanie Evans is an enthusiastic Pilates instructor and studio owner who wants to share her love of pilates with you too.
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