Small and Mighty: Top 3 Reasons to Pick a Small Pilates Studio

Full confession: I own a small pilates studio. Classes at my studio have a maximum of 6 students. Here’s why I love the small studio and why I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Top 3 reasons to choose a small studio:

1.      Comraderie

No one can do it alone.  At a smaller studio, you tend to see the same faces each day.  You learn their names. The instructor knows you. In essence, the tribe sticks together.  There’s nothing more motivating than being greeted by other friendly faces who care about your success. When New Year’s resolutions begin to fade, it’s your pilates friends who spur you on.


2.      Instructors. 

It gets said a lot.  But we are seriously experienced.  Among our small group of dedicated instructors, most have 5+ year of experience and/or advanced degrees.    These instructors are not your typical part timers.  They are the real deal—ladies who loved pilates before it took over your Instagram.  Serious instructors are a major benefit of the small, established studio.  They teach the hard stuff and give you feedback during the class.  

3.      Variety

One of the pitfalls of the franchise pilates studios IMO is the strict choreography.  An outside party is designing and dictating the workout.  Instructors are told what and what not to teach, and they may be required to change springs for up to 12 people at a time.  It’s a major reason why seasoned instructors don’t teach at these establishments.  Such workouts are designed so that everyone can do them, which is not a bad thing.    It’s just that after a while the student will reach a plateau—if the workout is for everyone, including newbies, then more advanced exercises are never touched.  We trust our instructors do what they do best….teach.  No corporate rules. This makes for a creative, fun-loving, relaxed atmosphere in which you, the student, dictates the pace.


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Stephanie VanderbeckComment