Meet Beth: Featured Student of the Month

Midwest gal, world traveler, pilates lover.

Beth in Pilates class. Wunda chair "pike".

Beth in Pilates class. Wunda chair "pike".

We got the chance to sit down with one of our most inspiring Pilates students, Beth Chernik, to learn what makes her tick and what keeps her motivated after 7 years of steady Pilates practice. We learned that strong personal goals and pilates friendships are everything.

Q: We see you kicking butt in class, but what don't we know about you yet?

I am a mid-western gal having grown up in and around Chicago until we were relocated to Southlake in 2013. Eric and I have been married 21 years. Our daughter, Hannah, is a Freshman at Belmont University in Nashville and our son, Graham, is a Sophomore at Carroll High School. Since our kids were born we have visited over 25 countries, mostly traveling with only a backpack, swapping stuff for interesting adventures and a few crazy stories along the way!!

Q: How did you get started with Pilates?

I began Pilates shortly after my son was born in 2001 following physical therapy for sacroiliac dysfunction. When helping me to get settled here, my dear friend, Renee Caldwell, thoroughly researched the area and selected Purely Pilates for both of us. The rest is history, as you can find one, if not both, of us here each day!

Q: You could have gone anywhere...why Purely Pilates?

Purely Pilates is the only studio for me because of the professionally trained instructors, small class size allowing for personal attention, diverse class schedule, and the warm, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere.

Q: What is your main motivation for practicing?

I love it! My mind and body miss Pilates when I have to be away due to a vacation, an overflowing schedule, an injury, etc, etc, etc.

Q: What changes or improvements have you noticed along the way?

I have never been as strong, physically and mentally, as I am now..png
The strength and wellness of my core is invaluable to me. I have been active in sports and fitness my entire life, yet have never been as strong physically and mentally as I am now. Not until I finally allowed Pilates to train my mind along with my body did I fully receive, understand, and appreciate all that it has to offer me.

Q: Everyone has a favorite pilates move. Tell us yours.

Mermaid & Elephant! These are the best overall stretches for my body and usually mark the end of another awesome class!

Q: What would you tell someone who is considering but has never taken pilates?

I have never been as strong, physically and mentally, as I am now.(2).png
Join me in a class! But if you can't then most important is to find a studio where all instructors are certified and offer small focused class sizes. Embrace the small class size and do not be intimidated. Coordination is not required and all levels can work side by side. Finally, be present in mind and body during each and every class. You will love Pilates!

Q: Besides "Do Pilates" (obviously), is there any other credo to live by?

"To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world" ~ Dr. Seuss

Q: You recently sat down with us for a yearly goal-setting session. What is your personal goal for this year?

My goal is to continue to grow the strength of my whole person by learning and understanding the importance of and how to care for the health of my mind along with the health of my body.