The KEY to Massive Change (it isn't what you think)

Are you satisfied with your current level of fitness? As in, you wouldn't change a thing.

·        Your muscle tone

·        Flexibility and mobility

·        Your energy level

·        The person looking back at you in the mirror 

If you said “yes” then you can stop reading because this is not for you.  (And also, I would like your autograph.)

I’m talking to those of you who spend lots of time thinking about how much better life would be to feel strong, and sexy in your own skin.

We all know that change takes an incredible amount of energy to achieve.  What pushes our desires forward when it is much more comfortable to plop on the sofa after work instead of going to class?  After all we are pretty darn comfortable doing what comes easy.

The key to change is—are you ready for this?—complete and utter DISSATISFACTION with what you currently have.


Consider what creates a painful sense of dissatisfaction in your own life.

·        Inability to take that dream vacation because you are just too out of shape. 

·        Not having enough energy to be a good parent. 

·        Feeling embarrassed wearing your favorite.

When your current pain outweighs the pain of changing, you are primed for action.



Dissatisfaction means, in effect, “I’m so unhappy with where I am that to change is the ONLY good option”.  It is a strong emotion that has incredible potential to push us forward.

When your dissatisfaction becomes too great to bear, that’s good news! It means you are right where you are supposed to be. 

Now, I’m not talking about perfectionism and low self-esteem because you haven’t gotten a callback from Vogue.  Let’s be very clear, we have every obligation to love ourselves as we are.  Contentment, joy, gratitude…these are all necessary.  But this doesn’t mean we are supposed to feel completely satisfied with where we are on our journey in regards to a goal.  It’s really quite the opposite. Being dissatisfied is a powerful catalyst to being the person you were meant to be.

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