Meet Abby, Our Student of the Month


We sat down with one of our favorite pilates students and got the scoop on what pilates means to her.  This bubbly 27-year-old former athlete turned orthopedic sales rep tells us, "My dog Billie is the love of my life at the moment, along with Pilates of course!"  Abby, we totally get you.


Q: What got you started doing pilates?

I moved to Texas two years ago after some personal challenges, with very low self confidence.  After swimming my whole life, I struggled to find an exercise routine that I could stay committed to (that I enjoyed as well).  I found Purely Pilates on Google of course, and after my first consultation with Stephanie, I was hooked.

Q: Tell us more...what's your secret to sticking with it?

After doing pilates for two years, I am only eager to learn more and more with each class, which has never happened to me before.  I have never done exercise that demands such a mind-body connection.  It really takes me out of my stressful life for an hour to concentrate on me and my body.  The physical benefits of strength and toning aren't bad either!

Q: What other improvements have you noticed?

My two pilates classes a week are my time for myself. I wish I could come every single day.  Not only am I stronger physically, I am stronger mentally.  I can handle stress much better when it arises.  I LOVE this place. It is such an escape from the hustle of daily life.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

My goal for this year is to get certified in pilates! I want to become an instructor and teach people what I have learned and also learn with them.  My advice to anyone who has never tried pilates is DO IT.  You will absolutely not regret it.  And go to Purely Pilates!

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Abby. 

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