Reformer Classes

experience required • 50 MINUTES

The reformer is the mainstay around here.  Expect a flowing Pilates sequence that emphasizes alignment and form to help you squeeze the most toning, lengthening and muscle strengthening benefits from your workout.  We have a variety of equipment and class formats to keep you energized and challenged. 

Reformer: Focused on form and alignment, breath and flow. (all levels)

Studio Mix: Creative blend of all studio equipment, reformer chair and springboard.  (beginner)

Reformer/Chair: Integrates use of the Exo chair for strength building and spinal mobility. (intermediate)

Cardio Jump: Advanced class using the reformer Jumboard, min 20 sessions recommended. (advanced)

Note: A minimum of one private session is required for all group reformer classes.


Other Offerings

open to beginners • 50 MINUTES

ELDOA for Perfect Posture: The ELDOA Method is a collection of exercises that helps to elongate the spine and promote good posture by deeply stretching the fascia that connects each spinal joint.

Stott Total Barre: A joint friendly barre workout designed to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability.

Springboard: A mat class that integrates use of our wall-mounted Springboards for a resistance workout that targets abs, glutes and arms.


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