About Pilates


Originally invented by Joseph H. Pilates (1883-1967)  pilates exercise is well known for building core strength and helping with posture.  Our clients typically enjoy greater flexibility and improved energy, as well as a lean, toned look.  Pilates is a complete mind-body workout for all ages and fitness levels (men included!).

Many of our students discover pilates after years of wear and tear on their joints.  We strongly believe that fitness does not have to be extreme or painful to get amazing results.  With two licensed physical therapists on the Purely team, our specialty is therapeutic pilates.  Read more below.




Private Sessions



Private Sessions

Private sessions are 55 minutes each.  

first private session $49 for new students (45min)

We love new students.

In fact, we love you too much to rush you into a class without our expert guidance.  If you are new you'll take at least one private before taking classes.  That's how we keep our Pilates program highest quality and challenging for all.

Minimum ONE private is required for group classes.  THREE privates is highly recommended.



Private session rates vary according to the instructor's experience and qualifications. Package discounts are available.


Nationally recognized certification.

Instructors: Sami, Stephanie B., Ashtyn, Katherine, Sherami


Physical therapist or exercise physiologist.

Instructors: Amy, Stephanie V.


*with package discount.

Minimum 5 years experience and certified injury management.

Instructors: Nicole, Regina, Tasha



Prepare for your visit.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for your appointment.  You will need to wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing without zippers.  Grip socks are required (and available for purchase).  Please avoid perfumes and lotions.  Communicate openly with your instructor, as she has your best interest at heart. 



We take the utmost care to make sure your pilates program is right for you. Your initial private session ($49) includes a thorough health review and mini goal-setting consult.

You may also book a complimentary 30 minute consultation to discuss your specific needs. book here


We require a 24 hour notice of cancellation for private sessions.

Therapeutic Pilates



Our clients are often referred to pilates after an injury, but not everyone is ready for a group class.  

Therapeutic Pilates includes a consultation with a physical therapist or senior instructor who has experience and advanced training working with your condition.  The goal is to slowly and safely help integrate you back into general fitness, rather than targeted rehabilitative exercises. This option is best for those who need extra care with a spinal disc problem, joint replacement, or with scoliosis, osteoporosis, and more.  A release from your physician is required stating that you are cleared to exercise.

Note: This is not physical therapy and cannot be billed as such.